Saturday, November 8, 2008


El Pais has an article today about SpY, a graffiti artist from Madrid. The author compares SpY to Banksy, the anonymous British street artist.

In the email interview SpY says he stays anonymous because for the same reason a magician doesn't reveal his methods-the audience would lose interest. He also argues that we all have graffiti artists within us-since we were little we've been drawing on bedroom walls instead of paper. He says the policemen don't give him a hard time, and that he even met a policemen who complemented him on his work.

The interview is entitled Madrid ya tiene a su Banksy, and while I agree that it is pretty cool that Madrid has a prolific street artist, I'm not sure we should compare him to Banksy just yet.

That said, SpY, like Banksy, has moved out of his neighborhood and did a project in Japan. He also did a project in braille. Here is some of his art, courtesy of his website:

The last one is in Madrid, just off of Sol near one of the original-language movie theaters & c/ Huertas, a neighborhood of jazz bars.


Jesus said...

Well, not at the level of Banksy, of course, but is always nice to have people like this SpY.
Thanks for the post! And the pictures of Plaza de Jacinto Benavente! Viva el Yelmo Cineplex :)

Cassafras said...