Monday, November 3, 2008

Omar: hippie black sheep of the Bin Laden family?

I just read an interesting article on one of Osama Bin Laden's 19 sons. According to Spain's El Pais, Omar Bin Laden, 28, arrived at Madrid's Barajas airport yesterday and asked for political asylum. He was en route from Cairo to Casablanca and had a layover in Madrid.

Sweet things I gleaned from this article:
-He is a self-proclaimed pacifist.
-He recently married a 52 year old British woman. It is her sixth marriage.
-He hasn't been in contact with his father since 2000.
-He likes horses. He met his wife while she was riding a horse and tried to organize a horse race in Africa to promote peace (also from the BBC article).

Check out the El Pais article to get a good look at his crazy rastas (dreadlocks).

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DharmaKid said...

Hey there!
I think this is so interesting. Kinda changes the general sentiment of "those" people, haha. No group is homogeneous.

Good luck with your new blog :-)