Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Western Spaghetti

A little perspective...

My aunt Sandra sent me this Conan clip about the "good old days." Maybe we are the "crappiest generation," but I do think we could stand to be a little more amazed.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Story Corps

If you like NPR-style journalism, this site will make you happy. Oral history is so interesting! I feel lucky to live in an age where this kind of news-gathering is possible.

Toy Joy!

Austin, Tx is lovely. My dear friend Hannah lives there and I went down w/ some friends this weekend. It is a long drive, but I went with two of the silliest boys I know. They consumed a dangerous amount of B12 in energy drinks on the way down. It kept them hyper the whole weekend (and probably kept their pee orange).

One place Hannah took us to: Toy Joy. Why does Columbia not have a toy store like this? One thing I really wanted to buy:

That's right. There is an extra set of horns (rainbow & sparkly) for magical duels.

I did end up buying a book for my dad. It tells the life of Moses in Lego. This man must have the largest & most organized collection of Legos in the world.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


In the last few weeks I have:
-contemplated moving out & decided to live on my own
-accidentally rediscovered J.D. Salinger (made El Rancho a bit more interesting today)
-seriously contemplated going for a jog.
-read myself to sleep (a spanish dictionary...)
-won the high score on Photo Hunt w/ a crew of old friends
-signed up to volunteer for T/F!
-gotten up every morning at an unreasonable hour


Monday, February 2, 2009

Spanish word of the day

the high-pitched soft voice, slower speech pattern and exaggerated expressions that a mother (or anyone) uses to talk to her baby.

Not to be confused with madrileño: a person from Madrid.

If you are like me...

you might be eagerly anticipating the Oprah special on the octuplets from California. I'm still surprised that Nadya Suleman had so many babies inside her that the doctors missed one.

I think she's been pretty smart to keep quiet. She's hyping herself up with all the mystery. She probably will get that TV show she wants. I'm kind of hoping she doesn't sell her family out like that. Check out this blog about the first set of (naturally conceived) identical quintuplets to survive.

The Dionne sisters were taken (for their "safety") by the Canadian government. The Canadian gov't then set up a nursery for the sisters. They called it Quintland and opened it up to the public. The attraction brought in millions of dollars and the girls weren't reunited with their family until they were nine years old.

The third video down is especially interesting.

Does this story deserve to be on the front page?

Really? Is it even a story? It is also still on the front page of the New York Times website.

I love my niche publications, and I expect to see this story as a headline on But I feel like these newspapers are losing a bit of credibility by catering to the celebrity tabloid craze.