Monday, February 2, 2009

If you are like me...

you might be eagerly anticipating the Oprah special on the octuplets from California. I'm still surprised that Nadya Suleman had so many babies inside her that the doctors missed one.

I think she's been pretty smart to keep quiet. She's hyping herself up with all the mystery. She probably will get that TV show she wants. I'm kind of hoping she doesn't sell her family out like that. Check out this blog about the first set of (naturally conceived) identical quintuplets to survive.

The Dionne sisters were taken (for their "safety") by the Canadian government. The Canadian gov't then set up a nursery for the sisters. They called it Quintland and opened it up to the public. The attraction brought in millions of dollars and the girls weren't reunited with their family until they were nine years old.

The third video down is especially interesting.

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