Thursday, November 6, 2008

More on world reaction to Obama

My incredible French friend Vincent, who once for weeks on end made me watch a puppet parody of U.S. politicians singing a horrible little song ("We F**ked the World"), is elated about the Obama win. We studied together in Madrid and after hearing from him, I wish more than ever that I was with my ERASMUS friends from last year to share this moment. This truly is a a moment for the whole world to share.

Vincent's message:
Que contento soy ! De hecho, ahora, los estadosunidenses son as listos que los franceses :D Por seguro. Voy a exilarme en vuestro pais pienso :P

It says: How content I am! As a matter of fact, now, the Americans are as smart as the French :D For sure. I think I am going to exile myself to your country :P

The Vincent I know would NEVER admit Americans are intelligent! Haha.

Vincent, si estas leyendo esto, te echo de menos y estoy tan feliz como tú. No puedo esperar a ver como va a pasar nuestro futuro! Besos!!!

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