Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another reason I wish I was in Madrid:

Star Wars Exhibit! The traveling exhibit has a huge collection of props from the movie set including Queen Amidala's crazy outfits, the Darth Vader costume and Yoda! The exhibit is divided up by planet. Sweet.

I come from that family. The family that bought every single action figure. The family that has the deluxe edition DVDs. The family that doesn't recognize the prequels because we're such die-hard fans of the originals.

When George Lucas rerelease the original three films in theater, my dad took me to every midnight showing. I saw each of them multiple times. He let me stay up late again to go to the mall because they began selling the new action figures at midnight. Wow. What is it about those movies? When they first came out, they were unique-it was something new. But now, are we just nostalgic? I am nostalgic. But not for 1970s sci-fi. I grew up with Willow, Lady Hawk and Return of the Jedi. And that led to reading the young Jedi knights book series and learning way too much Star Wars trivia (It was originally entitled Revenge of the Jedi).

No wonder I wasn't one of the cool kids in middle school!

If you are in Madrid and you want to go:
Centro de exposiciones Arte Canal
metro: Plaza de Castilla
open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
more info

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Anonymous said...

can i still be your friend if i've never seen a single Star Wars movie?