Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama fans

El Pais just published a top ten list of Obama songs. I find that...strange. When did presidential fan videos become the norm? Is Obama just cooler than past candidates? Is this a product of my generation actually caring enough to vote?

I grew up with President Bush. I established my first opinions with him as my president. I don't know what another leader will look like.

Obama ran a campaign that spoke to my generation. He had a cool logo, catch phrases and used the internet to his advantage. What will presidential campaigning look like in four more years?

I am very interested to see what the next four years will look like. I think they will be groundbreaking for our whole country, but I think my generation will see things differently, after all, we can really only compare him to President Bush. All I really remember about President Clinton is Monica Lewinsky.

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